Permanent Hair Removal


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Electrolysis & Permanent Hair Removal Treatment Clinic

New Freedom Laser offers seasoned and experienced electrolysis treatments and is accessible to anyone in need of permanent hair removal living in Boston, northern Massachusetts, along the New Hampshire Seacoast and in southern and central Maine. Offices are located in Kittery, Maine.

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal

Electrolysis is the method of permanent hair removal achieved by applying a measured amount of electrical current to the germanating cells of the hair root through the natural opening of the hair follicle with an ultra-fine probe or needle. It is a process that works with both men and women on all skin and hair types.

Permanent hair removal results are best achieved through a series of treatments tailored by the electrologist to best suit the client’s needs. The time it takes to achieve permanent results is dependant upon such factors as texture of hair, prior temporary hair removal methods, medical conditions including a hair growth stimulus, certain medications, age, and stress levels.

An electrolysis treatment may result in a temporary redness and/or swelling to the skin. Post care options will be provided.

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