Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Pore Size, Stretch Marks, Scars and Acne Scars


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New Freedom Laser is proud to be offering Microneedling treatments with the Rejuvapen System

Microneedling Kittery - New Freedom Laser

Do you want a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, stretch marks, scars or acne scars? Would you like a reduction in hyperpigmentation or an improvement in overall skin tone? Then microneedling may be for you.

Microneedling Therapy

Microneedling or collagen induction therapy is the newest skin rejuvenation procedure for the stimulation of your own natural collagen and elastin resulting in a thicker epidermis, tighter skin and a softening of wrinkles. It is a minimally invasive procedure with virtually no down time and, with a small amount of topical anesthetic, it is virtually painless!

Microneedling Treatments

Micro needling is a process by which microscopic needles are used to create small micro channels in the top layers of the skin (epidermis/dermis). The body’s healing response is the release of growth factors. The growth factors allow neocollagenesis (new collagen production) and neovascularization (formation of microvascular networks) to take place. Collagen production, tissue remodeling and a thicker epidermis is the end result lending to the improved appearance of tighter skin. The micro channels created during treatment allow for greater absorption of skin serums, creams and gels. Peptide gel, copper repair cream and extra growth factors can be added topically to the skin during treatment to further stimulate collage production as well as to speed the healing process. The body is able to produce collagen for up to 6-8 months after a course of micro needling treatments.

How Microneedling Feels

Micro needling feels like a soft abrasion of the skin. The micro-incisions created during micro needling will close approximately 3-5 minutes after the treatment. There is a very low risk of infection. Redness of the skin will last up to 3 days. There may be skin dryness and flaking for 3-4 days. Mineral makeup is suggested to reduce the appearance of redness and flaking. By day 3, the skin in the treatment area will feel tighter and smoother. Clients who undergo a course of micro needling treatments report up to 60-80% skin improvement. Most treatments can be completed within 20-30 minutes depending on the treatment site. For best results most people will require a treatment course of 4-6 treatments spaced every 4 weeks.

  • Can be easily and safely used on most body areas
  • Treats all skin types
  • Sunblock must be worn post treatment

Can not be used on active acne vulgaris, pustular rosacea, active skin infections, raised keloid scars, skin cancers, eczema, psoriasis, sebaceous hyperplasia, cold sores, or open wounds, stretch marks less than a year old.

  • Must wait at least 7 days after a Botox treatment
  • Must wait at least 28 days after facial fillers
  • Must wait 28 days after IPL or Fraxel laser treatment
  • Diabetics are more prone to post treatment infection

Please inform your practitioner if you have an allergy to lidocaine or surgical grade stainless steel.