Spider Vein Removal

Remove Spider Veins on Your Legs, Face, Nose and Thighs

Spider Vein Removal

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New Freedom Laser is both seasoned and experienced in reducing and eliminating telangiestacia (spider veins) in its full-service cosmetic center in Kittery!

Spider Vein Removal New Freedom Laser Kittery Maine


Eliminate Telangiestacia (spider veins) Easily with Laser Treatments
Telangiestacia are otherwise known as spider veins and are the common blue/purple veins found near the skin surface. They are found on both the face and lower extremities. They can be treated with either the Candela GentleLASE, Gentle Yag, or Candela Ellipse I2PL Photo Skin Rejuvenation laser.

Treating and removing spider veins from the face and legs generally consists of a series of 1-3 treatments 3-4 weeks apart. At the time of treatment you will feel a quick pulse of laser energy – usually associated with the quick snap of a rubber band. A patented cooling spray (cryogen) is administered just before the laser pulse is administered making the treatment as comfortable as possible.

For people with lighter skin types, there is generally no bruising or hyper-pigmentation. For people with darker skin types, there is a slight chance of bruising and hyper-pigmentation for 2-6 weeks.

Sun protection products are recommended.

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